Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Ozarks Region defined

Thanks to the Wikipedia Commons, this map reveals the extent of the Ozarks region.

See The Ozarks at Wikipedia for more details and references.

If you haven’t visited the Ozarks region, yet, you should, soon!

Dr. Bill ;-)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Beaver Lake is ABOVE Table Rock Lake

This story is from the Hometown Daily News site: http://www.hometowndailynews.com/content.aspx?module=ContentItem&ID=162795&MemberID=1191  - It is a reminder that Beaver Lake in NW Arkansas is actually UPRIVER, higher than, and feels into Table Rock Lake. The river ran north from Arkansas into Missouri then back southeast into Arkansas again.

Corps to Move Water from Beaver to Table Rock, Bull Shoals

by Sam Clanton
The Army Corps of Engineers plans to move water into Table Rock and Bulls Shoals lakes beginning Tuesday. Those lakes, along with Lake Taneycomo, are downstream from Beaver Lake, which is located in northwest Arkansas.

Beaver's current elevation of 1-thousand-127 feet needs to be lowered about 7 feet to conservation pool, according to the Corps of Engineers. A news release states Table Rock currently is below conservation pool elevation, with Bull Shoals expected to be within two feet of its conservation pool of 654 feet by January 19th.

Possible rainfall this weekend could alter the plan to begin making releases Tuesday morning through the hydropower turbines at Beaver Dam.

If you haven’t visited the Ozarks region, yet, you should, soon!

Dr. Bill ;-)