Thursday, September 17, 2009

36th Autumn Daze Festival in Branson, MO

More than 100 crafters and artists from all over the Midwest and from as far away as California gathered this weekend (Sept 17-20) in downtown Branson, MO, for the 36th Annual Autumn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival. Most of the booths are under two large tents in the center of Awberry parking lot, north (behind) Dick's Old-Time 5 & 10; and in the street to the east which is closed off. When we were through around noon on Tuesday, a good gospel singer was entertaining in the designated area at the south end of that blocked off street. Very good!

My wife found a neat handcrafted napkin holder for our little cabin - we can't get anything very big! The crafters were from the Galena area in Stone County: Cedar Plus (417-538-4676).

This is just one example of the festivals taking place all over the Ozarks nearly every weekend!

If you haven’t visited the Ozarks region, yet, you should, soon!

Dr. Bill ;-)

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